Feedback from our SOS family

"Singapore Overseas School does a great job with managing the students. The teachers display immense patience in managing the students and ensuring work is done. There is individual attention given to each student with constant interaction and daily feedback given to parents. This helps the child to learn easier and better. Not only do I love this school, but I highly recommend it to everyone. Thank you for all your efforts."

- Kanish's Mom

"My son has been in SOSC since we came to Colombo almost 2 yrs ago. He is finishing grade 2 now and loves it. He has made many friends and learned so much, not just educationally, but also personally. I have been looking at many schools before and decided for SOSC for various reasons. Small classes, amazing teachers and lots of great extra curriculum activities.

I love the family style school, as we parents are heard and kids are not just a number. They organise great events like International and Science day and make school a fun place to be. During school closure because of Covid 19 they have adapted so quickly to online learning and are doing amazing."

-Tyler's Mom

Our daughter’s preschool education began with Little Amigos Learning Academy (LALA) and followed by joining Singapore Overseas School, which is an affiliate of Little Amigos, to continue on with her primary education.

Her initial years were nurtured in a very fun and interactive educational background at Little Amigos which made her very happy and an enthusiastic approach to learning.

When it was time for us to look for a primary school, we were lucky enough to find out that Little Amigos was opening up its Primary section, Singapore Overseas School and we didn’t need to look any further. We were already acquainted with the fantastic management and the outstanding learning approach offered at LALA and the quality of the Singapore curriculum. We were looking for the same quality and continuity of education for the long run.

Singapore Overseas School (SOS) is unlike any other primary school. Through the many student-inspired projects and an interdisciplinary curriculum, our daughter is learning to be passionate, curious, creative, and innovative. SOS knows how to keep the children wanting to learn more and to nurture young minds.

Our daughter not only learns about various subjects in a content-rich manner but more importantly, she uses the subjects as a setting to develop ideas, frameworks, applications, as well as analytical problem solving skills. She is learning to grow into a motivated, independent, focused and curious learner and creator.

Singapore Overseas School has discovered the way to celebrate and uplift the naturally creative, inquisitive mind of a child. The curriculum does not pressure students to learn the material or memorize it for the purpose of passing a test, but instead making learning more interesting through fun, interactive, practical and hands on methods.

The entire academic staff demonstrates levels of passion and professionalism that I rarely see in the education field, nowadays. They are all very kind, courteous, graceful, respectful, and very well-educated themselves. They work tirelessly to set ideal examples for the children of how people should behave and cooperate together. The quality of the staff, classrooms, and facility all contribute to an excellent environment for our daughter to thrive in. The communication from the administration/management to the parents is outstanding.

The most important aspect of all of this is that our daughter loves to go to school, is eager to learn and is extremely happy, and that’s what is important to us as parents.

-Neveah's mom

I personally would highly recommend Singapore overseas school.

1. They have small classes so my child gets the attention needed

2. There is a keen balance of fun and learning (curriculum is a mixture of Singaporean and British). It’s not just 2 dimensional. The learning is very evolved. Painting outdoors. The little groups created for the science experiment day exhibition, planting outdoors, drama...the list goes on and on. They let the kids choose their projects and work in groups. I love that.

3. Kids celebrate in style- so many events and religious holidays are celebrated but the most important is children’s day ! The carnival was sooo much fun!

4. Parents are involved. We have a coffee meeting with a head teacher. I feel very connected with what’s happening.

5. There are lots of extra curricular activities.

Swimming is incredible. My daughter has excelled because of SOS. And her confidence has rocketed.

6. Because of the size of the classes if you have an issue- it’s dealt with promptly and as a mother you feel heard. That was very important to me.

7. Where ever you go ask for transparency, connection and involvement.

Good luck with your search. When your child is happy in school it’s the best feeling in the world.

-Sabrina's mom