Marshall Cavendish Education empowers students and educators with the essentials needed for effective learning through their holistic blend of pedagogically sound curriculum, digital technology and professional development.

MC is the approved supplier for all textbooks and workbooks to all the government schools in Singapore, it is reputed and works closely with the Singapore government to ensure that they produce the highest quality books which are based on the latest research conducted independently and along with the top testing institutes around the globe.

To meet the varying needs of educators and learners around the world, Marshall Cavendish Education has successfully developed quality educational solutions for international markets.

Having successfully conducted efficacy studies for many countries, we are well-equipped with the expertise to understand diverse educational landscapes and faciliate the effective implementation of our solutions.

Beyond Singapore, their materials have been well-received in various countries including those in the Southeast Asian region, United States and Europe. To date, our holistic educational solutions are used in more than 70 countries over 6 continents in 11 languages.