Welcome to the Singapore Overseas School of Colombo webpage. We are an english medium international school located in the heart of the city. We offer Singapore standard education for children from 4-12 Years old, and are an affiliate of Little Amigos Learning Academy.

We are focused on bringing well rounded, balanced and franchised education with the Singapore system, style and delivery methods to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

We are a purpose fit school with facilities such as a music room, art room, theatre room, swimming pool and much more right on our premises to allow for the best learning results. You can find out more through the social media outlets linked below or the best way to know us is to come and see us. We welcome you.

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Our Mission

We work hard to create students who are thinkers, leaders, learners and explorers.

Our Values

Our Values are Humility, Obedience, Perseverance, Empathy, Faithfulness, Unity and Loyalty (HOPEFUL) with integrity.

Our values are the core behind how we conduct the education and what we expect our children to learn from their time at Singapore Overseas School. These are not easy to teach and thus we have partnered with IPC (International Primary Curriculum) to build a custom program that incorporates all these values right into the program. Call us to find out more.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to continually work to achieve with our values.

Our Motto

Where the best is yet to be!

We encourage everyone to be positive and work towards improvement and gratitude through our values.

Our Believes


We believe in cultivating positive teacher-student and peer relationships so that there is a culture of care and mutual respect in the classroom.


We believe in holistic education centered on values and character development

For learning to be appropriate we adapt our teaching pace, approaches and assessment practices to be developmentally appropriate.


We believe that every child wants to and can learn.

We value every child as an individual and with each having diverse needs and bringing with them a wide range of experiences, beliefs, knowledge and skills.

We want to encourage children to take risks, learn from their mistakes and be confident in expressing their views.

We believe in developing thinking skills and dispositions in our learners.


We believe that learning takes place in a caring and safe environment.

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Security Process

A quick review of our security policy and safety visit conducted by the Sri Lankan military before opening.